Breaking down the elitist barriers that are often associated with ballet.


Enjoy being guided through classical ballet exercises, that are designed to tone, sculpt, and lengthen the body whilst improving co-ordination and flexibility.

Choose from one of our group classes or enquire about private tuition. Whatever your level, you are welcome to join any of our classes online or at the studio and participate at your own pace.

Tutu Times

The Tutu Times adult ballet community was founded in 2013 by dancer, choreographer and studio owner Georgia Canning. What was once a simple blogging platform is today a timetable of multi-level classes, online tutorials and an inspiring adult ballet community.

Some are absolute beginners (never done a pliƩ in their life!) whilst others were ballerinas once upon a time and attend class because they simply can't go a week without it, despite not dancing professionally anymore.

Come join us!

The Blog

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