Level 1 Ballet 8PM


Level 1 Ballet 9.30AM


Seniors Ballet (55+) 11AM

Level 2 Ballet 7.30PM

Pointe Class 8.30 – 9PM


Level 2 Ballet 9.30AM

Pointe Class 10.30 – 11AM


1 x casual pass $19

5 x class pack $85 ($17 per class)

10 x class pack $165 ($16.50 per class)

Pointe Class $10 (class packs cannot be used for this class)

Seniors 55+ Class $16.50 (pay as you go or purchase a 10 x class pack)


Bookings are essential…

You can register your account easily through the Glofox app. Just search for Glofox on App Store or Google Play or use the links below. After downloading the app, you can search for TUTU TIMES on the app and register.

Glofox for iOS

Glofox for Android

Please see the below steps: 

1. Download Glofox app from App Store or Google Play.

2. Launch the app and search for “TUTU TIMES

3. Press “Register”

4. Put in your details and accept the studio waiver.

5. Once you’ve created an account, press “Book your first class” or “buy membership” to get to the home page.

6. If you want to add your payment details through the app to make any purchases, navigate to your profile through the icon on the top left corner. Press “Payments” and “Add card” or “Direct debit”.



  • All class packs purchased have a 6 month expiry date.
  • All bookings have a three hour cancellation window.
  • If you don’t have a 10 or 5 class pack and cancel your class within the time frame, your casual pass will be available to use on your next booking with a 6 month expiry date
  • If you’re on the waitlist and someone cancels, EVERYONE on the waitlist will be notified via email and the first person to accept the vacancy can attend class.


Level 1

Suitable for a beginner level student or someone wanting to brush up on their skills. It’s also a great starting point if you haven’t been at the barre in a while!

Level 2

Suitable for the more experienced ballerina who has had previous training as a child or is a beginner with at least one to two years of consistent ballet training behind them and wants a challenge.

Pointe Class

Many adult ballerinas aspire to wear pointe shoes one day and this class is designed to develop and nurture this goal. A pre-pointe assessment and regular class attendance is a prerequisite for this class. Pointe shoes are not required at your first lesson – in fact it’s preferable that you wear your flat ballet shoes.

Seniors Ballet (55+)

This gentle hour long class is specifically designed for women and men aged 55+ years and will introduce you to the world of ballet and leave you feeling graceful, mindful and strong.