What class is right for you?

Level 1

Suitable for a beginner level student or someone wanting to brush up on their skills. It’s also a great starting point if you haven’t been at the barre in a while!

Level 2

Suitable for the more experienced ballerina who has had previous training as a child or is a beginner with at least one to two years of consistent ballet training behind them and wants a challenge.

Pointe Class

Many adult ballerinas aspire to wear pointe shoes one day and this class is designed to develop and nurture this goal. A pre-pointe assessment and regular class attendance is a prerequisite for this class. Pointe shoes are not required at your first lesson – in fact it’s preferable that you wear your flat ballet shoes.

Seniors Ballet (55+)

This gentle hour long class is specifically designed for women and men aged 55+ years and will introduce you to the world of ballet and leave you feeling graceful, mindful and strong.

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