What class is right for you?


Level 1

Suitable for a ‘beginner’ or someone wanting to brush up on their skills. It’s also a great starting point if you haven’t been at the barre in a while!

Level 2

Suitable for the more experienced ballerina who has had previous training as a child or is a beginner with at least one year of ballet training behind them…

Ballet Technique

The perfect class for someone who has been participating in Level 1 classes and wants a stepping stone before tackling a Level 2 class. Also a fabulous class for focusing on turn-out, precision, core and flexibility.

Beginner Pointe

This class is excellent for Level 2 ladies who want a challenge and a great class for Level 1 ladies to do in their normal flat shoes. Pointe shoes are not required for this class. Your $5 class fee (as it’s only a half hour class) goes towards our Peace & Pliés Project.