The Tutu Times adult ballet community was founded in 2013 by dancer, choreographer and studio owner Georgia Canning. You can find useful home exercises and general wellbeing chat on her personal blog The Balanced Ballerina…

Today Tutu Times is a beautiful, supportive adult ballet community that hosts exciting events, performs twice a year with the Tutu Times Adult Ballet Company and supports local businesses and charities.

When Georgia opened her studio in 2013, she had parents asking for their own ballet class. So she scheduled the very first ‘adult ballet’ class at the studio and found thirty people lined up at the door…

With the addition of more specific classes over time Tutu Times is now a supportive and dedicated adult ballet community full of inspiring women and men.

Some are absolute beginners (never done a plié in their life!) whilst others were ballerinas once upon a time and attend class because they simply can’t go a week without it, despite not dancing professionally anymore.

Whatever your level, you are welcome to join in any of our classes and participate at your own pace. Ballet is a personal journey and everyone learns at a different rate. Be gentle with yourself and enjoy the grace and poise that ballet will bring to your daily life.

Tutu Times does not follow fitness fads. It’s important to note that our classes are not ‘ballet-inspired fitness’ which you often see in main stream media and gyms. We are genuinely dedicated to teaching adults classical ballet.