Find out the many benefits of participating in adult ballet classes here…

The side effects of taking a ballet class include; increased focus, improved physical and mental health and beautiful posture. So what are you waiting for!

The following introduction is written by our Founder Georgia Canning and you can find further musings on ballet and home exercises on her personal blog and podcast Balanced Ballerinas.


While it’s always nice to have toned calf muscles and excellent posture, you’ll receive so much more than aesthetic benefits from taking regular ballet classes.


Not only will regular ballet classes keep you fit and healthy, it will also IMPROVE health.

I’ve had many people (who attend regular classes) come to me after six months or a year and claim to have improved (or beaten!) chronic back pain, mental illness or another health issue.

Now I’m no doctor, but my clients are too smitten with their improved health to be lying.

In ballet, every inch of your muscles are actively engaged which makes a dancer incredibly aerobic fit –  your bodies ability to take oxygen and use it to produce energy in the muscle cells. This can only be fabulous for many health issues.


I constantly thank ‘ballet’ for my ability to be disciplined throughout all aspects of my life.

For example, running my own business requires a huge amount of discipline – some days I’d rather go get a coffee or head to the movies instead of sitting down (all alone) with a mountain of paperwork.

Ballet has taught me to soldier on, work through difficult times and most importantly keep my head held high in the process.

The act of repetitive exercise with constant challenges only improves your ability to work harder and more proficiently at anything you come across in life.


During a ballet class you use a lot of brain power!

Not only are you concentrating on WHAT you’re doing, but HOW you’re doing it, in time with the music WHILST having corrections thrown at you left, right and centre.

Speaking of music…

Classical music has been shown to stimulate ‘alpha’ brain waves which are responsible for making the mind calm and meditative.

When your brain is in ‘alpha mode’ it enhances your ability to learn, communicate, think and increases your intuition.


So if you’re joining ballet classes with the hope of losing a few kilos, you’re going to be a little surprised when you find out you’re benefiting far greater than dropping a dress size!